NMA Presents: Sponsor A Survivor

NMA recovers missing and exploited childen and provides safe extit for exploited men and women.

We currently have several survivors who need your help. Recovery is the easy part. Once an exploited victim is safely recovered, they almost always only have the clothes on their back.

Your donations will go specifically to the survivors and their needs such as clothing, essential needs,  medical expenses, safe housing, trauma therapy, and educational assitance.


Please note: Survivors names/pictures are witheld to protect their privacy and safety. Not all survivors are listed. 

How To Donate

We make donating easy by using your credit card or paypal. 


Meet Our Survivors

KK is a young minor child, who we recovered out of a trafficking situation. KK had been trafficked from the age of 14 years old. We are currently working on assisting her with her GED program as she missed out on years of schooling. KK is also an incredibly young mother to a small infant. KK is full of love and hope for her future. Her future plans are to graduate from her GED program and obtain a career to become independent and support her young child.

CC is a young woman that we were able to safely exit out of her traffickers grasp and give her FREEDOM after years of being forced into sex trafficking. She is currently in safe housing and preparing for the birth of a new baby. CC is a talented artist that has hopes of selling her artwork and becoming independent. CC is doing excellent in her healing process and is keeping her faith in God to move forward.

Dee is an incredibly young child that we were able to recover along with 3 other minor children. She is currently in CPS care and is doing well in her new foster home. Dee has been through a lot at such a young vulnerable age and is working on her healing. She wants to go back to school and have a normal childhood. Dee is a sweet compassionate child who we see a bright future ahead.

Mia is a young teenage we were able to recover after she was being exploited. Mia has a lot of healing to do and many hurdles to overcome after what she has been though. Mia is an incredible sweet girl that has a hard time trusting others but we have been blessed she has allowed into her hearts because she’s definitely in ours. Mia is currently in need of safe housing when she leaves the placement she's in now.

How To Donate........

We make donating is easy. We accept online donations via credit card & paypal by simply clicking here.

You can choose to do reoccuring monthly payments to continue your support of the survivors, or choose to do a one time payment.

Monthly donors of $100 or more will receive an NMA Custom Hat, Awareness Wristband, and decal along with updates of your survivor and personal thank you cards from them. Monthly donors may also send letters of support to survivors monitored by the NMA team.

One time donars will receive a NMA decal and personal thank you card from your survivor.